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MAKE Magazine article THE YEAR PEOPLE LEARNED TO FLY, about the 30th anniversary of the Gossamer Condor’s flight and the film.

HD Version Coming soon. 

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In 2005, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences began showing a film series featuring the Documentary Film Academy Award winners through the years.  This fall 2007 brings the 1978 year Academy Award winners, including THE FLIGHT OF THE GOSSAMER CONDOR for Documentary Short Subject.  The Academy Film Archive has made new preservation prints for many of these documentaries. 

Shedd Productions, Inc. placed the film’s original negative in the Academy’s Archive, and in early 2007, the Academy Archive made a new preservation print of THE FLIGHT OF THE GOSSAMER CONDOR film for the Academy’s Documentary screening series.  With the inclusion of the film in a new High School Engineering curriculum - Project Lead The Way’s Introduction to Engineering Design’s first week’s classes - and a request from Paul MacCready’s company Aerovironment for 600 DVDs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Gossamer Condor’s Kremer Prize winning flight, the DVD remastering project was fast tracked and is now available. 

The DVD had its world premiere on August 23, 2007, the 30th anniversary of the Gossamer Condor’s flight into aviation history.  The Academy’s preservation print will be shown in Los Angeles on September 24, 2007 at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn theater as part of the Academy Award Oscar Documentary series.

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the 30th Anniversary Year
of the Gossamer Condor's
Kremer Prize winning flight
and the film's production.

New High-Definition

Digital Transfer

with Stereo Sound Mix

from the

2007 film preservation print

by the Academy Film Archive.



& News

about DVD


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